The Top 3 Reasons to Go for Australian Qualifications

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Australia is termed as the land of plentiful and brims with opportunities in all sectors. The country enjoys a stable and resilient economic structure that is supported by talented human capital. Australian education and training are the foundation pillars of its mega infrastructure development and a stable economy. Many Australian higher education institutes regularly make it to the world’s best university indices and always grab some of the positions within the top 10.

Australian qualifications and certifications are held in high regard throughout the world. The recognition of these qualifications globally is a proof of the quality of education imparted within the country. Other developed countries in the North Americas, Europe and Asia consider Australian qualifications as equivalent and sometimes even at a higher mark than their equivalent certificate or diploma.

Australia’s education development has gone through various stages since the country’s birth. Now, the Australian Qualification Framework – AQF – is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training. It incorporates the qualifications from each education and training sector into a single comprehensive national qualifications framework. The AQF was introduced in 1995 to streamline the national system of qualifications in Australia encompassing higher education, vocational education and training and schools.

Here are the 3 top reasons for going for Australian Qualifications:

  1. Recognition

The Australian Qualifications are accepted worldwide and carry equal or higher weightage than their counterparts. These qualifications in form of certifications, diplomas and degrees are recognized globally and can help you get further into higher education in a country of your choice without any hassle. Also, these recognized Australian Qualifications play a vital role on your resume. Having a certification from Australia boosts your chances at the job you are eying or even a promotion you desire. The Australian standard of education is high and it’s a global fact that if you have an Australian Qualification in your name; you are talented and skilled.

  • Quality

The quality of education in Australia is highly appreciated worldwide due to an extreme check and balance policy. The Australian Qualification Framework or the AQF is the regulatory body that integrates all higher education imparted throughout Australia and has a top of the line course and faculty vetting policy. This ensures that as graduates they are productive and positive contributors to the economy and society. Australian Certifications are recognized globally, and you can expect to be a step up from the usual crowd with Australian qualifications in your credentials.

  • Migration

The biggest benefit is that a recognized Australian certification entitles you for extra points when you lodge your application for any of the Australian PR Visas that follow a points system. Qualifications Australia takes up your case if you have valid work experience and our experts customize your application for the Australian Qualification Framework so that your overseas education and experience is given a fitting parallel educational certification.

How QA can help you gain an Australian Qualification without having to attend any training or class?

Qualifications Australia is an autonomous organization that comprises of seasoned educationalists, immigration consultants and lawyers. Qualifications Australia is an Australian based consultancy company which works in close collaboration with Australian educational equivalence bodies to adjust your professional work experience into valid and globally recognized Australian Qualifications. Don’t wait and click here to contact us today!

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