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Qualifications Australia is committed to assisting clients from all over the world with Australian Certifications. Australia is a dream migration destination and synchronizing your work experience with a fully recognized Australian certification and transcript has many benefits. Qualifications Australia will ensure that there is complete transparency throughout the certification process by updating and advising you on every step.

QA specialists work directly with Australian Universities to align your overseas qualifications and professional work experience.  This is then verified by the Australian Qualifications Framework, the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training, and you will be given a fitting parallel educational certification. 

Once you have met the Australian industry and educational criteria for your certificate, there is no need to attend classes or training.  Your professional work experience through documentation will be verified by our specialists and sent to Australia for certification. No study and no travel are required, you can apply all from the comfort of your home country.

If you are migrating to Australia, you’ll need excellent educational and professional credentials to land a good job. Your Australian qualification offers you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd in a competitive job market.  This will increase your employment opportunities once you land in Australia and also qualify you for better wages and remuneration packages in Australia as compared to those with overseas qualifications.

Qualifications Australia has 100 trade and non-trade courses to align your work experience and life skills. The benefit of an Australian Qualification not only helps with migration and jobs in Australia, it will also help with employment opportunities in your home country.  Australian education system is world renowned and holds high regard to employment.  Qualifications Australia has helped many clients succeed in higher paying jobs in their own country, with an Australian certification.

Qualifications Australia offers a comprehensive, robust and transparent 6 step process to acquire a globally recognized Australian certification. The steps have been designed in a way to keep our clients on-board all the time from the pre-screening and course selection until delivery of the certification.  Clients can expect a world-renowned certification within 4 months of submitting their documentation. 

Australia has skilled trade workers in high demand. Whether you are a plumber, electrician, builder or specialise in any other trade, your skills will be in high demand and attract a very good wage in Australia. Help you obtain a job in Australia today as soon as you land with an Australian qualification.

Excellent employment and lifestyle opportunities await you in Australia! Make this your dream and become a reality by applying for an Australian qualification today
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