Our Success Stories

Qualifications Australia has 1000s of satisfied clients who have been able to take a positive leap in their professional life by acquiring Australian Certifications. Our core mission is to assist our clients in enhancing their educational credentials by aligning them with their professional work experience and overseas qualifications.

  • I am a professional chef and have culinary experience spanning over 12 years. I wanted to be promoted to the head chef position. However, for this position, I needed formal educational that held global recognition. I contacted QA for this purpose. The specialists at QA helped me align my experience with my work experience and now I possess globally recognized Australian Qualifications. And yes, I am the head chef now.

    Hasan ibn-e – Haseeb
    Hasan ibn-e – Haseeb Chef
  • I was looking to apply for a better position within my industry. However, I was trained to be an accountant without any accountancy education after high school. Qualifications Australia took on my case and helped me equate my practical accountancy experience with a relevant Australian qualification. Kudos to QA for such professional handling and a great turn around time.

    Ashutosh Tiwari
    Ashutosh Tiwari Accountant
  • I am an experienced air-conditioning mechanic with 10 years of hands-on experience. However, I didn’t go through any formal vocational training and learned the trade on the job. My partner and my decided to migrate to Australia and I required formal education to migrate as a skilled worker. Qualifications Australia advocated my case and helped me equivalize my experience to formal education of the same level. Thumbs up to the great QA team!

    Mark Reed
    Mark Reed Mechanic
  • My experience with Qualifications Australia has been fantabulous! The specialists at QA handheld me through the process. I lacked formal higher education in electrical engineering and QA helped me process my case with the relevant Australian educational bodies and I received my Australian certification within 4 months.

    Zahid Ahmed
    Zahid Ahmed Engineer
Qualifications Australia