Steps to acquire Australian Certifications

Qualifications Australia offers a comprehensive, robust and transparent 6 step process to acquire a globally recognized Australian certification. The steps have been designed in a way to keep our clients on-board all the time from the pre-screening and course selection until delivery of the certification.

The Stepwise breakdown is as under:


This is the first step towards your recognized Australian qualification. At this stage, your overseas qualifications and professional work experience will be assessed by our experts. After the assessment is complete, you will be provided with a list of trade and/ or non-trade courses to choose from.



Syllabus Auditing
After you select the course that matches your education and professional work profile from the list provided, you will now vet the certification syllabus and audit the course work. The course work and syllabus of your selection will be in-line with your overseas qualifications and professional experience.



At this point you will sign up with Qualifications Australia for moving the application forward aligning your current overseas qualifications and professional work experience. Qualifications Australia will dedicate a case officer who will keep you updated on the process and will remain in touch regarding any documentation and attestation needs.



Documents Checklist
Now you will follow the checklist provided here and arrange all the documentations as per the list. Your case officer will be guiding you through the process.



This is the stage where Qualifications Australia submits your application to relevant authorities to seek your certification. After the application is scrutinized by the Australian authorities, you will be informed regarding the decision via your case manager.



Receive Australian Recognised Qualifications
This is the point where you receive your recognized Australian certification. You can now apply for the General skilled migration PR visa or enhance your resume with a valid and globally recognized qualification credential.


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