PTE / IELTS Preparation Course is the Key to Success!

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Qualifications Australia has a comprehensive study program to help students achieve top results in their PTE and IELTS exams. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors will work through a high quality on-line learning platform giving hands on practice to our students. The preparation English course with Qualifications Australia is designed to address all of the information required when taking your English test. When students are well equipped going into their exam, and had experience with mock exams and exam strategies, this will further enhance student’s confidence.

Whether you are travelling to study abroad in Australia or migrating to Australia, Universities and immigration authorities want to know that you are well skilled in English. Having a high score in PTE or IELTS exam, is acknowledge by many Governments and countries around the world, as a big part of the immigration or registration process.  Furthermore, sitting an English proficiency test to complete the prerequisites is compulsory.  To help you qualify for migrating to Australia, your visa and migration application will be made easier by obtaining a top result in your PTE or IELTS exams.

IELTS and PTE tests are designed to assess on how well you can use your English skills. Just like any exam, this requires thorough preparation before you sit your test.

Many students find the IELTS and PTE difficult.  The level of difficulty you find will depends on how much you practice before the exam! Prepartion really is key! The best place to start your exam preparation is with a qualified instructor that is well versed and can perform practice lessons on various examination areas of Reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

Most people will know where their general weakness is, reading, writing, speaking or listening. However, it is not quite that simple. For example, in writing alone the student has four basic criteria, within this criteria, there are 5 more sub-sets of skills need to be mastered. This is seen repeated for the other skills of listening, reading and speaking.

If you really want to pass your test, you will need time. Time spent on learning all the necessary skills and sub skills. How much time will depend on each students ability.  Sitting test after test to keep improving your score is not the answer. It will become expensive and the student is not getting a clear understanding where they are required to upskill.

Qualifications Australia has a high-quality platform that is interactive with students and has many benefits including:

  • Live lessons
  • Focusing on specific question for Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening
  • Working through practical exercises with personalised feedback
  • Engaging lessons with other students to help and support
  • Students can review lessons after class
  • Homework assigned for each lesson
  • Students concerns answered by teacher before or after class.
  • Mock Tests and feedback.

Qualifications Australia’s high-quality interactive online platform creates a physical classroom to suit their student’s needs. User-friendly, flexible, and personalized group training lessons.

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