Benefits of Qualifications Australia

Australia is the dream migration destination for individuals and families seeking a secure future bundled with a premium lifestyle. Immigration to Australia is open and transparent, yet, highly competitive.

After aligning your professional work experience with AQF through Qualifications Australia, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Align your overseas qualifications and professional work experiences with Australian Qualification Framework requirements.
  • No need to attend any classes or training if you have valid and verifiable professional work experience.
  • Meet the Australian industry, enterprise, educational, legislative or community education criteria.
  • Meet national quality assurance requirements.
  • Increase your employment opportunities in Australia with a secure career progression.
  • Meet the qualification standards which may be a pre-requisite for Australian employment where overseas qualification may not be accepted.
  • Get qualifications that have worldwide acceptance and recognition within 4 months.
  • Qualify for better wages and remuneration packages in Australia as compared to those with overseas qualifications.

The biggest benefit is that a recognized Australian certification entitles you for extra points when you lodge your application for any of the PR Visas that follow a points system. Qualifications Australia takes up your case if you have valid work experience and our experts customize your application for the Australian Qualification Framework so that your overseas education and experience is given a fitting parallel educational certification.

Qualifications Australia ensures complete transparency to our clients throughout the  certification of qualifications process by updating and advising you on every step.

Qualifications Australia has 1000s of satisfied clients who have been able to take a positive leap in their professional life by acquiring Australian Certifications. Our core mission is to assist our clients in enhancing their educational credentials by aligning them with their professional work experience and overseas qualifications.

Our qualified experts will provide you with all the guidance you need, based on your goals and current circumstances. We listen to you, and provide advice that will help you navigate your way to success and happiness with securing migration to Australia.

Qualifications Australia