The Advantage of gaining Australian Certifications!

If you are new to Australia, or seeking to migrate to Australia, or a newly arrived skilled migrant in Australia, Qualification Australia can help you obtain the most suitable Australian qualification or get your overseas qualification or work experience recognised to work in your area of expertise in Australia.

Your education and professional work experience play a vital role when it comes to migrating to Australia. Australian authorities want to make sure that anyone entering their country under the general skilled migration visa regime is equipped with the right skillset with ample experience. This is necessary because although Australia is welcoming talent from around the world, there is a lot of competition and only the best have their cases done on priority bases.

Graduates from Australia can have confidence that their qualification is globally recognised from a world class educational system. The international reputation of Australia means that graduates are highly sought after in a competitive market today. And have a higher chance of securing the top jobs in leading business organizations.

Australia’s high-quality lifestyle has made Australia a popular choice to migrate to with unlimited potential and opportunity to be found. Work opportunities and migrating to Australia is a dream for many people. Making yourself stand out from the rest when migrating to Australia is certainly going to help with your recruitment process for you and your family.

Having your skills recognised and obtaining an Australian certification is the start of your successful career in Australia or your home country and comes with a wide range of benefits.

The biggest benefit is that a recognized Australian certification entitles you for extra points when you lodge your application for any of the PR Visas that follow a points system. Qualifications Australia takes up your case if you have valid work experience and our experts customize your application for the Australian Qualification Framework so that your overseas education and experience is given a fitting parallel educational certification.
Qualification Australia helps you achieve your dreams of having an internationally recognised qualification, to relocate to Australia where you can earn amongst the highest wages in the world.
Obtaining an Australian Qualification highly increases your job opportunities in Australia and overseas and with an Australian Qualification you will also have a higher chance of qualifying for permanent residency.

Employers in Australia have a comprehensive recruitment process due to the large amount of candidates applying for skilled work. Recruiters are looking for quality experience and prerequisite qualifications.

If you have skills and work experience from your home country, it is a 6 step process of recognising those skills and experience that you already have, and successfully turning them into a nationally recognised qualification that recruiters are looking for. This includes practical and theoretical elements to complete subjects that make up your nationally recognised qualification.

Qualifications Australia will discuss your previous roles in depth and advise you how the correct pathway to your certification. Our Australian based consultancy company is an autonomous organization which comprises of seasoned educationalists, immigration consultants and lawyers. We work in close collaboration with Australian educational equivalence bodies to adjust your professional work experience into valid and globally recognized Australian Qualifications.

Qualification Australia is about the skills and knowledge you’ve gained through education, work and/or life experiences. For example, working in an office could help you get a certificate in business administration. Working on a farm could count towards a qualification in agriculture or mechanics. Working as a volunteer with teenagers may get you a certificate in youth work. This applies for both paid and unpaid work.
If you’re thinking about studying or training, think first about what skills you already have. You may be able to reduce the time it takes to get your qualification and may not need to study at all. Qualification Australia courses/programs are formally accredited which are Nationally Recognised. Nationally Recognised Training is a formal process to ensure training meets the standard required by the Australian industry.

There are many different employment opportunities in a wide variety of industries throughout the country making it possible to easily live and become successful in Australia.

Skilled trade workers are in very high demand in Australia. With recent boom in the building and infrastructure, whether you’re a builder, plumber, electrician, or specialise in any of the other trade sectors, your skills are highly sought after and demand a good wage.

Migrating to Australia comes with many decisions. Getting to know the job market in Australia and understand how it differs from your home country is vital. Your opportunities for work will be amongst the most important decision you will make in securing a happy and fulfilling new life in Australia.

Unrivaled world class education, employment and lifestyle opportunities await you in Australia!Make your dream become a reality by migrating to Australia today
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