Why Go for Australian Qualifications?

Australian Education system imparts one of the best and top of the line education from pre-school to university and beyond. There are many Australian colleges and universities that always make it to the world’s best every year.

This means that whether you are looking to migrate to Australia to settle down or are in Australia and searching for employment, you’ll need excellent educational and professional credentials to land a good job. Qualifications Australia offers you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by achieving globally recognized Australian certifications by equivalizing your current overseas qualifications and professional work experience.

Australian excellent education systems start at a very early age with a reputable framework for learning. Primary School education is compulsory between the ages of six and sixteen in Australia (runs for seven or eight years). The educational system in Australia provides further training for secondary (three or four years), senior secondary (two years) and tertiary education.

Australia’s world-class education has two options for primary and secondary schooling. Public schools are run through the Australian government.  These schools are free and only charge a small fee to cover nominated costs.  Private schools or independent schools are usually owned and operated by individuals and charge fees that can range in the thousands. Both school systems deliver high quality primary and secondary education depending on your child’s need and situation.

An Australian qualification degree is regarded as one of the best from around the world. Your certification from Australia is internationally recognised and will open doors to a bright future in Australia or your home Country.  Australian universities are considered to be some of the best available due to their advanced systems in place and many years on consistently improving the framework. Universities and higher learning in Australia all play a large role in driving innovation and productivity in the industry sectors and provide students with all the skills they require for a successful career.

Australia is the proud achiever of claiming 37 Australian universities to be included among the world’s best (Statistics from QS World University Rankings), and 7 of those Australian universities also rank in the global top 100.

English is the official language of Australia and is the language that schools use for instruction of the educational framework. However, many schools do offer programs in other languages which are taught at a very young age starting in primary education.

Australia provides quality education for international students resulting in a high quality and rewarding study experience which makes it a very popular choice for students. Whether students are wanting to gain the cultural life experience of studying in Australia to further enhance their English skills, or to gain the highly regarded Australian qualification, rest assured the Australian education system is there to support your needs.

Australia’s impressive international reputation delivers highly sought after degrees for their graduates. Degrees from Australia are recognized all over the world and are a valuable asset to have. Universities are known for their high quality teaching as students are taught by experts in their field.  High standards of education is ensured by the government regulating every university to maintain its world class education.

All Australian qualifications fall into a structured national framework – the AFQ.  The Australian Qualifications Framework is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australia.   This AQF is linked to all other educational schools in the country and makes it easier to progress to any other AQF level in Australia.

Employers from all over the world recognize the value of a degree from an Australian university and employees with an Australian degree are more likely to secure employment and be paid more, rewarding and uitilising their newly-developed skills.

An Australian Qualification highly increases your job opportunities in Australia and overseas.  With an Australian Qualification you will also have a higher chance of qualifying for permanent residency and are more likely to be employed, with stable jobs.

Some of the Top Courses to Study in Australia for work opportunities

  • Accounting
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Architecture
  • Business management
  • Engineering
  • Mining
  • Computer Science and IT
  • Psychology
  • Tourism & Hospitality Management

The biggest benefit is that a recognized Australian certification qualification entitles you for extra points when you lodge your application for any of the PR Visas that follow a points system. Qualifications Australia takes up your case if you have valid work experience and our experts customize your application for the Australian Qualification Framework so that your overseas education and experience is given a fitting parallel educational certification.

Qualifications Australia ensures complete transparency to our clients throughout the  certification of qualifications process by updating and advising you on every step.

Our qualified experts will provide you with all the guidance you need, based on your goals and current circumstances. We listen to you, and provide advice that will help you navigate your way to success and happiness with securing migration to Australia. Qualifications Australia is committed to your success! We are committed to bridging your professional and educational gaps so that you can migrate to Australia for a secure future.

If you’re looking to have your qualifications recognised in Australia, we will show you the steps to follow and the range of qualifications that are on offer. Make it your reality by migrating to Australia and securing your dream job. Let us help you make the best decisions for your future. Let Qualifications Australia help you get started today!

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